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Chatbot Talos

In greek mythology, TALOS is the Bronze Colossus gifted to King Minos by Hephaistos. Its mission is to ward invadors off the coast of the kindgom, which granted him the nickname of Guardian of Crete.

Today the automaton reinvented itself to become a chatbot, a conversational agent.

It is a fictional, digital character programmed to simulate a written conversation

with users. Thanks to its joyful and curious personality, it is a funny, interactive and 

accessible tool for everyone.

It is entirely free and anonymous to use, directly online from our website by selecting

your language. It is compatible with all browsers and connected devices (smartphones, 

computers and tablets).

Select your preferred language by clicking on the flags and start your own conversation 

with Talos!

Image de Inge Marije de Boer


From the 5th to the 9th of June 2023, partners met in Lille to host a training session together. They welcomed professionals to teach them how to use the Boomering tools. A conference concluded these workshops and gave us the opportunity to present the results of our three years of work.


Politics, non-profit organisation managers and youth workers came together to discover the project and discuss together of disinformation and its consequences.

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