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MOOC & Blended Learning




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A MOOC is an online training session without any limit in the number of participants nor participation. Everyone can access it and as many times as they like! MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. Though it does not deliver a certification, the Boomering MOOC aims to make accessible fundamental knowledge on how false information spread online and on how to use the Boomering tools: StoryMaps, Talos and Pareidolia.

The Boomering training program is divided into seven video modules (see Contents). Each of them come with a kit of pedagogical resources built to evaluate your achievements and dig deeper in some of the issues mentioned in the video. You will find quizzers, interviews and other bonus content!

Most importantly, the Boomering MOOC comes with a Blended Learning Handbook. This manual details everything you need to know to assimilate the MOOC modules and the Boomering tools, in order to in turn, start training others: colleagues, other volunteers, other parents, friends or groups of older students.

The Boomering MOOC is free to access to any adult who plays a role in young people's lives from the France Université Numérique (FunMOOC) platform. You have to register to the website, and this process is also free.



 Acquire new knowledge on the mechanisms, causes and consequences of false information spread online

Grow skills

Transfer this newly acquired knowledge to peers preoccupied by the same questions

through blended learning methods


Start transforming

the way you talk with and act around young people

exposed to false information

Grand bâtiment
Everyone has the right to education and to have access to vocational and continuing training.

Article 14 of the European Union Fundamental Rights Charter

WHAT IS blended learning ?


Blended Learning refers to a specific style of training based on the integration of modern, digital tools and technologies to traditional, in-presence learning methods, whether individually or to a group of people. Education and teaching are constantly evolving fields, thus warranting the need to modernise methods! 

Blended learning approaches make a solid base to diversify teaching methods and enrich young people's and adults learning experiences.

As you watch the training videos from the Boomering 

program, you will find that each of them are accompa-

nied by quizzes, bonus interviews and other

complementary resources.

Their goal is to facilitate a dynamic and stimulating

learning experience.


But that's not all!

You can also raise awareness and train other adults

in your entourage (colleagues, friends, family members, fellow student parents) by creating didactic units witht the help of our Manual: Boomering Blended Learning. This guide gives you all the essential keys to assimilate and adapt the Boomering tools to your pedagogical needs.






We conducted interviews of two disinformation experts at a european and international level.

Image de Glenn Carstens-Peters

Paolo Attivissimo blog author and populariser in computer sciences

Temps d'enregistrement

Daniela Cavini

Journalist and lecturer at the University of Bologna

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On the 17th and 18th of March 2022, project partners went to admire the view from the high of Girona, Catalonia.


The occasion was the second transnational meeting for the Boomering project.

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