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STORYMAPS are innovative pedagogical methods built to tell stories through interactive maps.

Our tool is a collection of stories pinned on an interactive and intuitive map of Europe, that reveal stories from young people who have been confronted with false information. They tell how they reacted and how it made them feel.

Its pedagogical use is very important as it guides towards solutions by giving examples of expert organisations in Italy, France, Slovenia and Spain, able to provide further information or support to users.

Storymaps is divided into three chapters and helps users of all ages to understand how false information spread in Europe, encourages discovery and learning, as well as in-depth understanding of these important subjects. Finally, it suggests ways to act and stop contributing to the problem.



ArcGIS Online - Survey123 is a platform to create geoinformed surveys and conceived to crowdsource voluntary information. ArcGIS Online - Storymaps is a storytelling platform used to create interactive maps and infographics.

Storymaps are user- and exploration-friendly.

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In Septembre 2022, partners met during the third transnational meeting.

We were able to discover the city of Ljubljana, well-known for its dynamic student community and its rich green scenery.

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