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The trees of the imagination are limitless, just like those of the internet.
Fake news circulates at the speed of light on social networks and in certain communities; more and more of us are calling these elements the "evil of the century". This is the real "mirror" of a society in crisis and in search of a narrative. This is how ''fake-news'' and conspiracy live and proliferate in the digital world of the Internet; some fake-news can be funny, and others unfortunately lead to violent movements going as far as physical attacks on individuals, or even worse, touching very real lives, sometimes with very concrete repercussions.

Our group of experts, through the Boomering / Erasmus project, has developed this MOOC to combat these movements at the European level.

The objective of this MOOC is to train users (education professionals, parents) and more broadly children & teenagers to understand and fight against fake news, disinformation, misinformation... The training we propose here is the result of the European project Boomering which aims to promote critical thinking and to fight against the phenomenon of misinformation that affects young people in particular.

Content of the training : the MOOC is structured in 9 chapters including the conclusion
1. Mechanisms of diffusion, impact and scope of misinformation.
2. Modalities of propagation on the web and online.
3. Understanding the main types of fake news.
4. Changing the way we see the world.
5. Fake news and real influences
6. Media, artificial intelligence & information literacy
7. Boomering tools to fight misinformation
8. Index and references
9. Conclusion

MOOC Boomering - Massive Open Online Course
Selected technology : FUN-MOOC platform
Duration & conditions of access : entirely free


All ressources...

+ the teaser !
MOOC in French, Italian, spanish, catalan, slovenian, english
. All of your resources are downloadable for free and helps the usage of this MOOC (on line in May 2023)
. The MOOC access will be entirely free for professionnals of education + parents
. However, rsgistration is mandatory : right HERE !!

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